Our Story

Having a love for art, I had to find an outlet for my creative side. Over twenty years ago, I started making soap. Little did I know my hobby would turn into a passion for things that lather.

I wanted our soap to be abstract and free of predictable form. You will never find a bar exactly the same. I leave the design up to what inspires me from nature or artwork I have seen.

The soap you see now was the answer. Made in small batches for optimum fragrance from vegetable glycerin, our soap produces a bubbly lather that rinses clean. It does what soap is supposed to do. It takes dirt off.

Each bar comes individually wrap to keep it fresh and clean until you decide to use it. I hope you enjoy our soap as much as we enjoy making it for you.

So go ahead and get dirty, we make a variety of fragrances so you can pick how you want to start or wash off your day!

I like to say its soap in a confused, disorganized, contrary, beautiful state. Lather up with a piece of art!

Handmade in the USA